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Happy New Year

2020 was a difficult and exhausting year for all of us. I wish you and your loved ones a happy new year. Let's hope that in 2021 we can finally leave the pandemic behind us and that our lives will all be the same as in pre-pandemic times. Until then ... stay safe and healthy.

V.A. – Beautiful Losers, Vol. 3

Kotapski's record label "Louder than Famous" celebrates its third birthday with the next episode of Louder than Famous' "Beautiful Losers"-series. Including tracks from Amac, Con Tacto, DJ Sniper, Dookieb, Shiino, Norman Czerny, Wild & Kins and Kotapski's "Funky Childs"-remix. Preorder available starting May 1st 2020. Release date: May 15th 2020...

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  1. Louder than Famous televised #023 #Kotapski Kotapski 59:57
  2. Podcast June/July 2019 Kotapski 1:08:52
  3. Unbenannte Session 1_mixdown_01 59:55
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